Motorola H20 T503 Review and Specification

Walkie-talkies are two-way communication device that is used for various purposes. Motorola T503 is popular for its portability, rugged design, and utility, even in extreme conditions. Walkie-talkies are popular due to their portability and utility, even in harsh conditions. But there are many walkie-talkies available in the market, and it becomes difficult to choose the perfect walkie-talkies.

We highly recommend the Motorola T503 if you always travel and are into outdoor activities, especially water and trekking. The rugged and waterproof design makes it a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a walkie-talkie for heavy usage near water. Here in this article, you will give an idea about its features, range, and everything you should know about Motorola T503.

Packaging of Motorola T503

The Motorola T503 package contains

  1. 2 Motorola T503 walkie-talkie.
  2. 2 Belt-Clips
  3. 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  4. 1 Y type cable that has dual micro USB chargers.

Setup and Buttons

It is pretty easy to set up the walkie-talkie. You have to insert the batteries and long-press the MODE button to turn on the walkie-talkie—the same way to turn off the walkie-talkie, long-press the MODE button. Make sure the device is turned off while charging the walkie-talkie.

The walkie-talkie has buttons to adjust the volume, sound, channel, and menus. It has a particular Push To Talk (PTT) button. It is also advisable to go through the user manual for all the information and features of the walkie-talkie, but you use it.


The Motorola T503 has a range of 35 miles or about 56 kilometres in normal usage. This range might change depending on the location and may be interfered with by tall buildings and woods.

Battery Life

The Motorola T503 walkie-talkie can be charged using 

  1. 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries
  2. 3 AA-type batteries.

As claimed by the official website of Motorola, when it is charged using NiMH batteries, it provides a battery life of about 9 hours. When charged using AA-type batteries, it provides a battery life of 25 hours. As stated on the website, the battery life is usually a bit low and is subject to usage. When you are on long trips, it is advisable to carry extra pair of batteries as you might not find any charging port or shops in remote areas.

It has an eco-smart design that consumes less power, reduces energy waste, and makes the walkie-talkie more effective and efficient.


Motorola T503 walkie-talkie is specially made for outdoor purposes, mainly in wet and extreme conditions. Hence it is also called Motorola T503 H2O; H2O is the chemical formula of water.

The built quality is fantastic, and it is waterproof optimized. It is built in such a way that when dropped in water, it starts to float. In contrast, most other walkie-talkies submerge in the water and stop functioning. 

It is also a perfect option for cruise ships where the weather is uncertain, like sudden rainstorms and cloudbursts. It has real-time weather conditions and comes with 11 different weather channels that are very helpful. It has seven different NOAA channels that alert you about any upcoming weather conditions to take the required steps.

Apart from this, it has an in-built emergency alert feature, which, when activated, blares a loud sound, followed by a transmission.

Hands Free and Channels

The Motorola T503 has 22 different channels and 121 privacy codes in total and has a combination of 2,662, which makes it easy to find any available channels. Like most other Motorola walkie-talkies, it is compatible with most other FRS/GMRS devices regardless of its brand.

It comes with an iVOX/VOX function that helps you get hands-free communication.

Warranty and User Manual

The Motorola T503 walkie-talkie comes with Motorola’s standard one year warranty. In general, Motorola will cover all the issues that are caused by a manufacturer’s defect or a similar production-based problem. That said, they will work with the customer to resolve the issue and want to ensure that you are a happy customer. 

You will get the user manual along with the product. In case you happen to lose it, we have attached a digital version of the user manual. 

Motorola T503 User Manual.


The Motorola T503 is a very affordable walkie-talkie with pretty good features. You can easily get it for around 60$, and in contrast, other walkie-talkies with similar features cost about 20 to 30 $ more. So, if you want a cheap and durable walkie-talkie, then this one is for you.


The Motorola T503 walkie-talkie comes with a lot of features:-

  1. It is waterproof and has a rugged design, which makes it compatible to use even in extreme conditions.
  2. It is affordable and comes with a lot of features.
  3. It comes with a decent long communication range.
  4. The unique feature is it has battery duality. You can charge the walkie-talkie using either NiMH rechargeable batteries or AA-type batteries. Both the options offer a decently long battery life.
  5. It is very easy to use as the walkie-talkie has buttons to adjust the volume, channels and everything.
  6. It comes with a hands-free communication option.


  1. It is very bulky to use, and it might be difficult for children to carry it. 
  2. Communication might be interfered with by physical factors.
  3. It has only one colour available.
  4. It does not have an in-built flashlight which makes it challenging to use at night.

The Motorola Talkabout T503 might not be a perfect walkie-talkie, but it offers you high-quality features that will optimize your life. It provides a great range and accessibility, which practically allows you to use it anywhere and whenever you want. Not to forget that its reasonable price in contrast with other models and brands is perfect if you are saving up money.

If you want a walkie-talkie that is waterproof, affordable, and with a good range, then the Motorola Talkabout T503 might be the perfect walkie-talkie for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we fully submerge the walkie-talkie underwater?

The Motorola T503 walkie-talkie comes with an IPX6 waterproof rating and can be submerged underwater for up to 1 m.

Does it with a charger?

Yes, it comes with a Y-type charger that has a dual micro USB port.

Does it come with the NOAA Weather channel?

Yes, it has the NOAA weather channel feature, which alerts you about any uncertain weather. You can do it with just one button push.

Is the Motorola T503 walkie-talkie compatible with the older version of the Motorola walkie-talkie?

Yes, they are compatible with the older versions and other FRS and GMRS walkie-talkies.

Is a license required to use this walkie-talkie?

It depends on the location. In some areas, you might need a license to use it.

Customer Reviews

“Good waterproof 2-way radio but charging takes too long. You need to charge overnight (8 to 12 hours) in order to have one day (9 hours?) use.”

“We use this product for our team to communicate during work hours. We like that it’s waterproof and programmable so that our team can communicate without interruption on our own channels. You do need to speak loudly and clearly.”

“We purchased this item because of its water resistance. It was used on our boat and stored in our garage. Only worked for 6 months.”

“Have tried several brands. This is top of the line! Our radios take a beating daily. Very happy with the purchase.”

“I like the product overall but the batteries have a short life and one completely new battery will only charge halfway”

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